progress report

my eyes get tired around 4:30 in the afternoon.

I worked on the alogrithm that will change the transparency of a sprite over time in Aracataca. this is a kind of sketching in the code of c# while I have 50 tabs from the manual open in a browser. I also tried to tune part of the animation I created sometime in the last week so that it will transition from the idle/soar mode to a wing flapping mode. to do is to create boolean parameters that will trigger (spark?) a state change. I shouldn’t spend too much time on tuning the animation. I may redo it with the wings exchanged for individual feathers.

I’ve done some reading online, trying to track various opportunities for creation and dissemination. I wonder if I can have Aracataca in a state that I would not be ashamed of in time for jurying by the curators of the Currents New Media Festival.

there is a Media Ecology Association conference CFP that is focused on Game Ecologies, scheduled for Bologna, Italy, June of 2016. It doesn’t yet have a call for games ecologies to be present except as written analyitcal texts.

I took a picture of one of my mother-in-law’s sofas to attach as a featured image for What Does A Sofa Want To Know?

I had a bad night last night. no problem falling asleep, but a lot of trouble staying asleep.

November 5, 2015