Dizzy Spell

animated GIF that looks like a rainfall of green pixels over a field of magenta pixels. The words Dizzy Spell are centered horizontally and vertically in the same green that falls from the top

In May of 2018 we held a pop-up arcade called Dizzy Spell. Today we will launch the website http://dizzyspell.xyz which will publicly formalize this collaboration with Adán de la Garza and Justin Ankenbauer. We began this collaborative grouping roughly one year ago.

Saniego Sanchez put me in touch with Adán via an email message early in October of 2017. Adán and I met for coffee at Amethyst Coffee in downtown Denver mid November of 2017. Adán suggested the connection with Justin shortly thereafter. We started meeting regularly to imagine and actualize a series of pop-up artist arcades.

We have been working according to an artist-run, DIY, aesthetic.