Critical Toy, work in progress, second attempt.

Model was reduced in scale be a fraction, from 3.5" in the x dimension to 3.25". The y and z dimensions were scaled proportionately.

Work piece (block of Freeman jewelers’ wax) was moved +1 cm in the x and y from the origin. Last time I had tried to put the work piece on the origin, with poor results. The device insists on a 0.129" margin around the work piece. I don’t know why.

This is the result after both the draft and finish passes. Altogether this took two and a half hours, including the time to perform “surfacing” or planing.

I saved the parameters so that I can plane the results of the first attempt and mate it with this one to see if the pegs match the diameters of the holes, or if they will need manual finishing with a dremel.

Next step would be to create channels for sprue.