from 2004-ish to 2012-ish I was a co- or assistant-coach for my younger son’s soccer team. we chose to pursue a recreational league over a competitive one. we couldn’t imagine the scale of the investment needed for the latter. the luck of the draw placed us with the Wolverines in the Englewood Soccer Association. I’ll begin placing notes from what I learned from my participation in this community under the same title as this post. the tl;dr is that it deeply influenced my teaching, especially within the context of teaching the making of games.

my older son gave organized soccer a whirl for a season, but his experience wasn’t great, and so he opted out of continuing. his attempt was somewhere between 2002-ish and 2004-ish. I wasn’t ready to help his coach, who seemed have all the help he needed. I hope he can forgive me for not being there when he needed.