what does a sofa want to know?

there are some questions we may ask as a we speculate about a sofa ontology:

  • what does a sofa want to know?
  • how does that sofa go about knowing?
  • can we place into a metaphorical black box the questions that would speculate on a sofa’s self awareness?
  • whence does a sofa derive its identity?
  • what material is comprised to form the sofa? from what is it composed?
  • what is the origin of said material?
  • can said material degrade or decompose gracefully?


there are some questions we may ask about the companion species that the sofa uses to come into being:

  • does a sofa require that the companion species endure certain trials of fitness?
  • does the companion need to meet certain qualifications?
  • can every member of the companion species participate?
  • is there a set of knowledge in the ecosystem that would enable the companion species to self-organize and bring sofas into being?
  • what are the minimal (or minimum) skills required of the companion species to afford the opportunity for sofas to come into being?
  • can the knowledge and skills be contained in a single member of the companion species?
  • will the companion species be allowed the opportunity to exist as an epiphyte to the sofa?
  • is there a way to optimize the organization of the companion species so that many sofas come into being?


and back to questions about the sofa:

  • are sofas social?
  • is each sofa a selfish actor?
  • does each sofa attract its composer and then rest?
  • or does the ecology of sofas propagate multitudes?

November 3, 2015