the purchase of twitter by Elon Musk was effected last night. the number of tweets about twitter on my timeline have been increasing since his first overture.

at the dawning of twitter, when it was possible to read the “firehose” — the raw real-time timeline of posts — the majority of the tweets were about the novelty of tweeting.

I suggested at that time that twitter wouldn’t be interesting, wouldn’t be a medium, until the vast majority of tweets were about something other than the phenomenon of sharing thoughts on the platform.

in the years since the platform has become a full fledged medium. it has also become important to a class I’ve taught for the last seven years. I now have to think through the consequences of this sale to the propriety of continuing to use it in the way I have been.

On my to-do list is ordering textbooks for our winter quarter.

today is a laundry day

today we are going to meet virtually with the computational art programming languages research group

tomorrow I’m going to contribute to the Latinx upload party on the People’s Graphic Design Archive. I hope to contribute the book by Antonio Grass, Rostros del pasado.

filling form for 2023 ARAC workshop to teach/co-create games with young artists aged 9-12 in Scratch.

going to make lunch. it’s 11:15. don’t want to have to rush back later for the 1:00 pm meeting.

cooked, ate, put second load of laundry into drier.

ready for meeting, it’s 12:30pm

listening to Autumn of the Patriarch (in Spanish) and my self-confidence in my ability to make a game shrinks even as my admiration for this amazing language increases.

I’ve seen that Pantone has made a move to charge licensing fees monthly to people who might use their color description database within Adobe CC products. I wonder what the follow on effects will be for Serif Affinity products and for Scribus.

my account on has been activated

mastodon keeps DMs in clear text and so admins can read them all at will. this makes the platform less trustworthy.

met with research friends. I spoke too much.

folded laundry. I did part of it wrong.