“To Present. To Explain. To Guide.” a workshop and exhibition in Poland on the work of Krzysztof Lenk | Information Design

We cordially invite for the exhibition and the open lecture. Assuming over twenty years experience in information design teaching. The results of the tasks will be presented as well as the process of solving problems. We have just finished publishing a bilingual catalogue of 108 pages documenting the program.


TO PRESENT hidden and difficult to grasp nature of events and processes.
TO EXPLAIN complicated mechanisms of features or events, making their nature understandable to any recipient.
TO GUIDE step by step through the process of cabinet montage; over a labyrinth of city exploration; in learning complex and difficult to grasp functions implied in mobile devices.
That’s the challenge of modern Information Design, an extraordinarily fast growing discipline of visual communication. Development of interactive media and the internet boom from one side, and the endless river of new electronics devices from the other, have generated a demand for modern methods of information recording, editing and presentation. Unique media distinct in form until recently have been integrated. Texts, illustrations, diagrams, photos, video, animations are employed commonly in various combinations, depending on specific needs of the project. Contemporary information designers ought to be familiar with complex visual techniques, but above all, they should know the syntax and grammar of the information language, with its features and methods which have been in use for ages. This is the area of Professor Krzysztof Lenk’s professional exploration in his prestigious program in Rhode Island School of Design.

The subject Information Design has been taught by Professor Lenk since 1982. For many years it was the only place in the USA specializing in this area of design. His student’s works were published in numerous books and professional magazines around the world. He has had the opportunity to lecture and lead classes in a dozen or so countries.

TO PRESENT. TO EXPLAIN. TO GUIDE. Student’s projects from Rhode Island School of Design will be exhibit in the Silesian Castle of Art and Enterprise (Slaski Zamek Sztuki i Przedsiebiorczosci w Cieszynie) in Cieszyn, from the 16th of December 2010 until the 6th February 2011.

A three day workshop in Information Design will be given at the same place, from 15th – 17th December 2010.

Website: http://www.zamekcieszyn.pl/
Details: queries should be addressed to swozniak{at}zamekcieszyn.pl

The topics of the workshop are advanced methodology and teaching techniques. We invite young academics and practicing professionals interested in Information Design. Each of three days is dedicated to a different problem, introduced by lecture, than developed in practical exercises. Professional discussions and experience exchange will be a part of each meeting. All participants should have their own laptop and Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, or equivalent Corel software.


Professor Krzysztof Lenk was one of my MFA thesis advisors. This exhibition is a culmination in many ways. I am so happy for him — Rafael

December 1, 2010