The Declaration of Game Designer Independence

1. Without game design, there is nothing
You can get rid of visuals, music, business or technology and we will still make great games.

2. Designers must drive the vision of the game
We are prime movers, not replaceable cogs.

3. We dedicate ourselves to the lifelong mastery of design
Dilettantes need not apply.

4. We strive to be renaissance designers
We fluently speak the languages of game development and business:
We speak the language of creative. All art and music ultimately serves the game play.
We speak the language of production. Game design determines the scope and need for the content that production shepherds.
We speak the language of engineering. Technology is one tool that enable the experiences designers choose.
We speak the language of business. Modern monetization, retention and distribution are directly driven by game systems.

5. We will not be silenced
We tirelessly promote our vision both internally and to the public.

6. We fearlessly embrace new markets and trends
We then reinvent them to be better.

7. We demand the freedom to fail
Design advances through experimentation.

8. We have a choice:
Create with our own voices or sell our talents into servitude.

February 10, 2011