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  • about code drawings

    about code drawings

    Code Drawings with Hopscotch I have been exploring how very simple algorithms might be able to generate complexly interrelated lines of great beauty. I’ve been writing code hoping to be surprised, and sometimes succeeding. I have been sharing them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Ello, a further experiment in dissemination. I’m not the first […]

  • when did you start making code drawings?

    when did you start making code drawings?

    If the creation dates of these files can be trusted, I started in 2011 by making generative art toys or drawing machines in Scratch. That is the earliest documentation I have of making drawing machines in a self-aware form. I have always approached computation from the visual sense. My attraction has always been to make […]

  • hello world

    this “hello world” 2.0 post is helping me to get past the horror vaccui of the blank page, the void that stare back. it’s here to help me get as many mistakes out of the way as quickly as possible. it’s here to help me begin the task of reorganizing my portfolio.

  • Hello world!

    This is the first post.

  • other-wordly: pronunciation | “sO-bRe-‘mA-sa