52 Weeks of UX: Sketch, sketch, sketch

52 Weeks of UX: Sketch, sketch, sketch I’ve heard it so many times: “I can’t sketch a stick-figure to save my life.” Some people are afraid of showing their drawing to others. They think they’ll be ridiculed if their sketch looks like it was drawn by a five-year old. In truth, it doesn’t matter if […]


Here are the sketchblogs of the participants: http://swbnest.tumblr.com http://itemad.tumblr.com http://esoterikk.tumblr.com http://cmarie.blogspot.com http://mikemckelvey.wordpress.com http://natewol.weebly.com http://georgiepanton.tumblr.com http://vosnooto.weebly.com http://dlehrman.tumblr.com http://ragincajun16.wordpress.com http://nrende12.tumblr.com http://bellacordelia.wordpress.com