Tag: rhetoric

  • Because Apple was “disruptive,” anything deemed disruptive now somehow borrows from Apple’s cachet. “Disruption” has become another meaningless buzzword appropriated by overzealous cheerleaders of the entrepreneurial clique they aspire to someday belong to. And look… every once in a while, someone does come up with a really cool and radical game-changing idea: Vaccines, the motorcar, radio, television, HBO, […]

  • How To Lose Friends: Botox – The Awl Photo mashup, montage for cover of Radar magazine. Used for rhetorical weight. Nicole Kidman + Barbie (and maybe a torso of a curvy woman) = commentary on beauty, botox, and bosoms.

  • O, American Apparel! Whenever will the “culture jammers” solve the dilemma as to whether it is okay to shop there? Anyway, the above billboard, spotted in Soho, purports to be an American Apparel ad depicting the backside of a naked woman leaning over to display her ass while rubbing her privates from behind. Tasteful! Well, […]