But the most interesting thing about Supercell is not how much money it makes, but how it makes its money. Supercell’s games are free-to-play, a business model that is fast becoming de rigueur in the mobile market. Players pay the game back with money, time or both. In “Hay Day,” you can spend to speed […]

romanzolotarev: KISSmetrics Infographic: How Do Colors Affect Purchases? Believe it or not, the colors that retailers and marketers use in their stores and advertisements strongly influence the consumer in different ways. Here is a graphic we created for KISSmetrics that looks at these colors and what they do to the consumer when they are trying […]

The Affect of Animated GIFs (Tom Moody, Petra Cortright, Lorna Mills) – Art and Education Since the early 1990s, artists have chosen the internet as a medium, an environment and a forum. While some internet artists also maintain a gallery practice, the conditions and conventions that inform meaning in online art remain in many ways […]