To Read: Future of Design Education website

Donald Norman called for contributors on the PhD in design website at the end of 2020 who would participate in a very large (re)evaluation of design pedagogy world wide. Thanks in no small part to Norman’s influence as an attractor, two hundred people offered their service. Norman et al have now launched a website and […]

Machines et Imagination

*workshop series: Machines et Imagination* organized by: P. Cassou-Noguès (Paris 8, LLCP, SPHERE), V. Tkaczyk(Amsterdam/Berlin), K. Vermeir (CNRS, SPHERE) *workshop: « Cybernetics in its contexts »* Tuesday 12 juin, 14h-18h – Jérôme Segal: “De la ménagerie artificielle à l’homme augmenté – machines cybernétiques et mort du sujet”. – Ronan Le Roux: “How the meaning […]

Give the Human Body Some Much-Needed Upgrades