Immigrant Freedom Fund Helps Aurora Facility Detainees Bond Out | Westword

“Our assumption was that by bonding out one person at a time, we could make a difference in each person’s life,” says Liefert. “Soon we realized that we were making a difference not only in the lives of each person that we bonded out, but in the lives of their families and communities.” Source: Immigrant […]

midwestmountainmama: blackamazon: hermanaresist: strugglingtobeheard: vikkiage: stfuconservatives: pantslessprogressive: “There are people calling this a form of ethnic cleansing and I can’t figure out a reason why it isn’t. Sure, not every Hispanic in the state is undocumented, but you could certainly forgive them for feeling that measures this punitive mean they aren’t welcome. If the state is willing […]