The El Paso Shooting and Video Games as a Partisan Issue – The Atlantic

Ferguson insisted that the debate about video-game violence will live on as long as there are video games to play and researchers to study them. “But the evidence is very clear that there’s not a relationship between violent video games and violence in society. There’s not evidence of a correlation, let alone a causation,” he […]

Violent video game engagement is not associated with adolescents’ aggressive behaviour: evidence from a registered report | Royal Society Open Science

Abstract In this study, we investigated the extent to which adolescents who spend time playing violent video games exhibit higher levels of aggressive behaviour when compared with those who do not. A large sample of British adolescent participants (n= 1004) aged 14 and 15 years and an equal number of their carers were interviewed. Young […]


Co-housing facilitates the interaction among neighbors, providing social, practical, economic and environmental benefits. Co-housing communities build social capital – and encourages more sustainable and fun behaviors. The simple act of eating together on a regular basis is a strong catalyst: As architect and founder of the Seattle Schemata Cohousing Project, Grace Kim says: (FastCompany, 2017): […]

Deaths by Border Patrol – Southern Border Communities Coalition

Source: Deaths by Border Patrol – Southern Border Communities Coalition I’m placing this here so that I can track it later. It relates to our games, Crosser and La Migra.


Source: BORDERWALL AS ARCHITECTURE The book and its drawings date from circa 2016. The actualization of the teeter-totter occurred in late July of 2019. The subsequent photos and videos documenting the action/intervention in ANAPRA, near Ciudad Juarez / El Paso, have gone viral. The author, Ronald Rael, is a professor of architecture at UC Berkeley. […]

How Getting More Girls to Make Video Games Will Change the Gaming Industry | Teen Vogue

Beyond creating a world where girls can feel empowered and seen, I have also made it my mission to get more young women to be the ones actually creating the video games they love to play. My name is Laila Shabir, the creator of Girls Make Games, an organization dedicated to inspiring the next generation […]

An Arizona Border Patrol Agent Spent 6 Years Arresting Immigrants While Being Undocumented Himself – we are mitú

A former U.S. Border Patrol agent in Arizona was sentenced this past month to one year of probation and fined $1,000 for lying about being a U.S. citizen. Marco A. De La Garza, 38, spent almost six years as a Border Patrol agent on America’s southern border in Arizona. Officials found out De La Garza […]

The Week in Women’s Football: ​Review of Futbolera—A History of Women & Sports in Latin America – Tribal Football

Today, we review another new book: Futbolera—A History of Women & Sports in Latin America by Brenda Elsey and Joshua Nadel, published by University of Texas Press (2019). This book is a pure delight to read and provides tremendous new information on the struggles that the women’s game has faced over the years throughout Central […]

Welcome to News – The pizza-and-movie Sunday that got Camila trailing Tobin –

“That game changed my life. I fell in love with the USWNT. Their game, sportsmanship, technique, passion. I knew all about men’s soccer, but I became obsessed with women’s soccer. I spent all my time Googling everything about it. I began following the players on social media. “I’d thought a lot about giving up trying […]

Ecozon@ Vol 8, No 2 (2017)

Journal of Literature, Culture and the Environment — Read on Bookmarking here so I can find it again later. This issue of the bilingual journal (Spanish and English) is dedicated to Ecocriticism and Computer- and Video- Games. It may be that “ecocriticism” is a particular critical lens. The idea of the greening of games […]