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  • When Barlow had a chance to speak, he expressed his own surprise at being on the panel, “because I don’t think I’m from the same planet, actually.” He then proceeded to trash the foundational assumptions of everyone who had just spoken. I may be one of very few people in this room who actually makes […]

  • The Manchester International Festival has commissioned Björk for the world premiere of her Biophilia show in an intimate concert setting. Biophilia, her seventh studio album was partially recorded on an iPad and will be released as apps (directed by Michel Gondry) in conjunction with Apple. Somehow these apps will be utilized in the upcoming live […]

  • Fast-fashion retailers reap the fruits of that creativity by capturing our preferences in successive generations of products and nearly synchronizing to our whims. Thanks to the rich data we generate as we select, reject, and recombine the items fast fashion offers, the companies need not develop their own brands so much as seize upon customers’ […]

  • nevver: Punch the Clock

  • In a way, the ORIC-1 was so mesmerizing because it stripped computing down to its most basic form: you typed some instructions; it did something cool. This was the computer’s essential magic laid bare. Somehow ten or twenty lines of code became shapes and sounds; somehow the machine breathed life into a block of text. […]

  • But what this “Studio 60” crew is attempting—coordinating a real-time story told between multiple Twitter accounts—is on a whole different level. For each of the past three weeks, the person(s) behind these fake accounts have put on a show pretending to put on a show. From Monday through Thursday evening, the creators voice their creative […]

  • I wasn’t going to respond at all to New York Times Executive Editor’s plaintiff, if hyperbolic, critique of all social media, “The Twitter Trap,” but I’m hearing Carville-like yelling in my ear and realize I have to. Far, far too many powerful, brilliant, important people who should know a lot better are blaming technology for […]

  • What is it about John Conway’s work that caught your imagination? WW: It’s so extraordinary, because the rules behind it are so simple. It’s like the game Go. A lot of people I know lost major chunks of their life from both of these endeavors. From an outside person’s point of view, it might seem […]

  • 5. Messing with Tumblr themes is one of the best ways to learn web design. The Tangential Where else on the web can you get thousands of users overnight? Thousands of people distributing something with your name on it. It taught me how to make scalable designs and how to handle support. (via petervidani)