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  • My introduction to the field of design came when I stumbled upon one of Paul Rand’s books while I was an undergrad at MIT. It was a little over a decade later when I had the fortune of meeting Mr. Rand at his studio in Connecticut in the mid 90s. He was alone, and that […]

  • Advertising Degree Zero

    lareviewofbooks: Sherryl Vint Golden Calf 1 © Irving Norman, 1957 William GibsonZero History Putnam, 2010. 416 pp. “The future is already here; it is just unevenly distributed,” is one of William Gibson’s most famous dictums. Zero History, his most recent novel, is perhaps best understood as science fiction of the present, a representation of this […]

  • albotas: Every single Pokémon 3D AR marker. pokedex3ds: Here is an image that has them all in! From the good guys at GBAtemp.net. I’m going to include all the codes against names later. Note that you can only collect three new Pokémon a day so the rest will just show as shadowy outlines. Fire up […]

  • dinosaurparty: (via Bit Pilot for Mac – download now available! #games #openframeworks / ver 2 for iPhone/iPad – tonight! game by Zach Gage (@helvetica) | CreativeApplications.Net) Bit Pilot is one of my favorite games for the iPhone, and I am so excited to play B.P. 2.0! Zach Gage has just announced that Bit Pilot 2.0 […]

  • DataBot mouse and HDD concepts give weight to files, encourage data purges (video) — Engadget

    DataBot mouse and HDD concepts give weight to files, encourage data purges (video) — Engadget Mice have been a computing mainstay since pretty close to the dawn of the PC, but they don’t offer much in terms of information about the on-screen data you’re interacting with. What if they featured physical feedback to tip you […]

  • A visitor to the Rotten Tomatoes site can check out the data for individual Hollywood careers—that’s how Tabarrok came up with the Shyamalan graph—but there’s no easy way for users to measure industrywide trends or to compare different actors and directors side-by-side. To that end, Rotten Tomatoes kindly let Slate analyze the scores in its […]

  • Ah, but now comes a fascinating study by three scientists at Harvard: “Does Collocation Inform the Impact of Collaboration?” They wondered whether teams that are located in the same place produce papers that have a bigger impact than teams who are disparate. So they gathered info on 35,000 papers in biomedical research where there was […]

  • In today’s humongous database systems, clarity may be relaxed, but business needs can still be met. PAT HELLAND, MICROSOFT Classic database systems offer crisp answers for a relatively small amount of data. These systems hold their data in one or a relatively small number of computers. With a tightly defined schema and transactional consistency, the […]

  • alltheworldsascreen: All the world’s a screen was an interactive telematic project created by Paul Sermon and Charlotte Gould from the University of Salford, developed during their residency at the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona MACBA Study Centre and their studio residency at Hangar.org, a visual arts production centre in Poblenou, Barcelona. Project Partners included: MadLab madlab.org.uk, Hangar.org www.hangar.org and […]

  • “I’m an architect, and that job could go away tomorrow, they could outsource it to India,” he says. “There’s nothing I do at that place that’s unique. What I do here, you can’t replicate it – no one else has these bikes, nor will they ever.” Feeling a bit flush with the aura of this […]