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  • Because Apple was “disruptive,” anything deemed disruptive now somehow borrows from Apple’s cachet. “Disruption” has become another meaningless buzzword appropriated by overzealous cheerleaders of the entrepreneurial clique they aspire to someday belong to. And look… every once in a while, someone does come up with a really cool and radical game-changing idea: Vaccines, the motorcar, radio, television, HBO, […]

  • But the most interesting thing about Supercell is not how much money it makes, but how it makes its money. Supercell’s games are free-to-play, a business model that is fast becoming de rigueur in the mobile market. Players pay the game back with money, time or both. In “Hay Day,” you can spend to speed […]

  • Bent by the Sun: Change Observer: Design Observer

    Bent by the Sun: Change Observer: Design Observer An interesting meditation on patterns of pre-industrial production and sustainability in Japan. Here is a snippet: …The final conversation was about microclimates. Master Nishioka was describing to me how important it was to match a tree to its structural use in the building, based on where on […]