<blockquote>To contrast with other similar design approaches, we think Design Fiction is a bit different from critical design [c.f. Dunne & Raby, Garnet Hertz], which is a bit more abstract and theoretical compared to our own interest in design happening outside of galleries or museums. Design Fiction is about exploring a future mundane. It tackles […]

<blockquote>We have largely eschewed the traditional academic channels of research papers, academic conference talks and the like. Producing evocative little pamphlets, fictional product catalogs, software that is quite counter to prevailing intuition about what software should be, little hardware devices that are designed to be used less rather than more — these are the kinds of […]

¡Peligro! Rio Bravo, sketch circa 1998, El Paso, Texas USA. rafaelfajardo. Sketch for a proposed work to be deployed along the US-Mexico border in response to the continued engineering of the northern bank of the <i>Rio Bravo Del Norte</i> in order to create turbulent currents and undertows. In the US the river is known as […]