Subcompact Publishing

… Zip drives ate floppies.
CDs ate Zips.
DVDs ate CDs.
SD cards ate film. LCDs ate CRTs.
Telephony ate telegraphy.
Text messaging ate talking.
Tablets are eating our paper …

Hundreds of meters long and wooden.
Worn and oiled.
Old and knotted.
Wide enough for a person.
Now — open the sky and dump down upon that table
all the digital publishing tools we have.
Let rain down the infrastructure and typography, the platforms and devices.
Separate them into their smallest components. Spread them out evenly.
Grab a ladder.
Place it next to the table.
Climb it and look down upon it all.
What do you see?
What can you build?

Intro to a long read…

December 1, 2012