Single digit lows

clear blue sky with a high of 44°F and a low of 9°F.

I sat to watch the speaker series for the Latinx in Games Festival after getting laundry done and lunch eaten.

The first two speakers have history with Games For Change, the first as an event producer, and the second as a speaker.

I tested the Mu development environment with the Bullseye OS. The samples, in Regular Python mode, just work. A little bit slow, but I’m reading off the USB. I don’t know if it might be faster on the microSD card. I will have to test. I should be able to complete the Pygame tutorial now, too.

The Chromium browser is almost unusable. I’m going to reboot and see if it’s an aberration… I’ve rebooted and chromium seems to load faster. Individual page loads are staggeringly slow, though. I can’t reason why that would be.

The OS takes just under 8GB of the 16GB microSD. I wonder if there is pi-top OS cruft in this new version. I’m just running searches to be able to bookmark resources.

I’m tired and I want to watch something on TV and eat. It’s 4:45 and I’m calling it a day.