scattered brain

I’ve had two writing tasks in the last month and I’m finding it difficult to difficulty coherent thoughts difficulty in forming paragraphs and forming nonlinear sentences. My wife says that I have no problem speaking in sounding like I make sense so maybe I should try dictating and that’s what I’m doing right now here and so I’m having a machine learning algorithm help me, I guess, sort through and make these thoughts a little more coherent.

last night I was a part of a panel conversation that was sharing a community impact of our research and teaching at the University of Denver, and I had significant problems. Organizing my thoughts. Part of the challenge was the nature of the length of the presentation. My part was 10 minutes long and the experience I was trying to summarize, was pretty rich from the comfort complex, and so was difficult to summarize and synthesize.

I’m finding it difficult to say I’m finding it happen during my teaching as well where I’m sharing some thought I do with my students and I lose a word or my brain. Once upon a time new with the word was it is and I just lose access to it I know what the word is I know that I know the word I’ve just lost the pathway to make that word pop up in the flow of my thoughts, and then it takes a minute or two to find my way back to that word so I can complete the thought and I don’t know if this is an early sign of an aphasia have a friend who has aphasia and so I’m sensitized to it as a condition.

I’m used to having words flow for me, and I’m not as fluid and I notice it. It could be the cumulative effects of head injuries, it could be age. My wife wonders if my brain is getting enough oxygen, or is it being choked by cholesterol accumulation. Or is it a latent attention deficit disorder that was manageable when I was younger but is becoming more pronounced?