(re)fresh(ing) Raspberry Pi

it looks like I may have to flash a new micro SD card with an updated/upgraded Raspberry Pi OS for my pi-top. Better yet, I may have to grab one of my other Pi’s and use it as a development environment.

I’ve tuned my pi-top so that I can set type on it. I have another one that have (had?) tuned for programming in Processing. It may be that I have to think of them as single purpose devices instead of general purpose computers.

something strange happened with my USB-C hub yesterday. I unplugged it so I could attach my backup hard drive. The keyboard attached to the hub no longer responded when I plugged it back in after the backup. Sigh.

In other news, I just received an update from a Kickstarter project called Yuma: Sonic River. I funded this project a couple of years ago. It is still in progress. The project is a documentary about the influence of the Yuma/Madgalena river on the music of Colombia. The project is still in pre-production and the update hints at the need for more funding.

I just downloaded the data archive for the ConArtInSitu twitter site. I think we move to Mastodon in January for teaching.

I’ve got to head out for a vaccination appointment soon.

Got my flu vaccine at our local pharmacy.

Checked the labor involved in spinning up one of my other Raspberry Pi’s with the new Bullseye OS. Decided to see what the labor involved in converting PNG art to BMP art would be. Converted tutorial art to BMP using mtPaint program on the pi-top. It was quick. I did the conversions, one file at at time while my MacBook Pro updated to the next version of Ventura. I caught up to the tutorial with the BMP formatted images. I don’t know if BMP preserves alpha/transparency. I’ll tackle that later. I have a meeting in an hour so I’ll try to get thirty more minutes of tutorial in.

pygame font module not available error. each step of tutorial reveals a development environment mismatch of some sort. argh.

I’ve just returned from my meeting with Kelly P. They asked me to envision a center for the book at my university. That is now in my queue.

But first, back to the python font issue.

I just ordered two of the Hyperkin joysticks from Amazon.

The module issue is not transparent. Python distribution packages are currently being called “wheels”. The wheel for pygame that I downloaded did not contain all the modules. I need to see if I can build the appropriate binary from source within Thonny, or at the OS level on the pi-top.