progress report

I updated the language in IoOOOT on

I posted a response to @bruces via, but I think that might be a flawed channel. I almost missed his post.

I watched videos on how people are making human-scale articulated wings for cosplay. I may incorporate some of the geometry into Arcacataca’s animations. The animations I have so far are crude.

I watched tutorial videos on how to do things in the flatfile theme for wordpress.

I forked the flatfile theme for wordpress so I have an archive of the code that I can mess with if I wish to customize this site beyond the options provided for me. for example, I would like to turn off the social sharing options that clutter the text posts.

I read up on formal definitions of “media ecology” in response to a call for proposal from the Media Ecology Association having to do with Game Ecologies. I don’t have a lot of time to work that up if I should try to write something for that.

I don’t know what I would categorize a project for Casa Jasmina under in this website. I’ve been thinking about nomenclature fluidly among all these projects. This is a catalog for the code drawings, which uses the infrastructure developed for a weblog. I have research strands in games and toys. perhaps the Casa Jasmina project would most resonate with toys as a category.

I don’t like how flatfile forces a hard distinction in its dictionary between text posts and image posts. It was created by a graphic designer, I think, who wanted to show only pictures of works as their portfolio. this post will be a words post.

I received an email message from someone who wants help setting up a game jam in Tuscon. this is a pro-bono community building consultation. it’s part of my community engagement. it’s part of my practice for the last five years. it’s a chance to influence another node of game-makers to be as inclusive as possible.

I’m waiting to hear back from GGJ about my role as regional organizer. my territory would include Tuscon, I think.

my eyes are tired.

oh, and Bernie DeKoven started following me on Vimeo yesterday, triggered, I think, by my liking his People-to-People and Person-to-Person videos on that site. I have video of the gameplay of Sow/Reap there.

November 2, 2015