progress report

I had another sleepless night with a strong headache when I got up. I spent most of the day sorting bookmarks and reading webpages.

I did scribble some notes for the sofa for Casa Jasmina, which I’m going to call F/LOSSy. these were more speculations trying to suss a sofa’s point of view.

no concrete progress was made on Aracataca. just some meditations on strategy for proceeding.

I received a ping from the producers of Global Game Jam.

I read a mentee’s application letter for an academic job.

I was able to reattach Jetpack, after some guidance by support at Automattic.

last week I read the chapter on Agile Software Development and the one on Burn Down Charts for game project management. I think that burn down charts are based on magical thinking and some mystical mathematics. they are based on a speculation of how much time will be required to complete a given task. and then, if the speculation doesn’t bear out, then another speculation about the percentage of the task remaining to be completed. a chart is meant to help estimate if a team is on track for on-time completion. my wife suggests that the process is entirely too linear for me — or that I am too non-linear in my process and methods for such charting to be useful for me. she says my process is elliptical, maybe epicyclic. I see the value of the agile process, to get something playable as fast as possible, to then add features and dimensions. this reinforces our rapid-prototyping method at DU.

November 6, 2015