progress report

Karin’s birthday was yesterday. the day was going to be interrupted no matter what. and then we found out that her uncle died yesterday morning. her father had died on our older son’s birthday in 1998. this sucks in all kinds of ways.

I did manage to view the video lessons for the P5.JS art mooc.

and, at some point I wrote and uploaded to here a set of speculative questions about what a sofa wants for Casa Jasmina. I noticed that Jasmina Tesanovic is also using nomenclature similar to mine, with her Internet of Women Things. we may be on to something here approaching a critical language.

we spoke to both our boys via teleconference. none of us wanted to hang up or sign off. my older son offered me some advice for how to handle feathers in Aracataca. he says I can load them into an array and can toggle the sprite renderer for each indexed feather in code. this is the solution for being able to make visible to a player why they might not be able to fly. there should also be a way to create a scale transform over time so that they can grow back.

the JetPack plugin updated overnight and erased itself from my infrastructure. it left the directory structure in place on my host. this causes an error when I try to reinstall the plugin. this means that posts won’t share to Tumblr until I fix that functionality here. I also won’t get stats.

I’m going to try and make another progress report at the end of the day. I want to catch up and do these reflections at the end, not the beginning nor the middle of the work day. although I rarely consider there to be an end to a workday.

oh, I was contacted by the artist Intimidad Romero with a request to write a reflection on her Facebook project for Streaming Egos for the Goethe institute. I have two weeks to submit.

no progress to report on code drawings.

November 5, 2015