progress report

late report for yesterday, 2015 11 03. I had some dental work in the morning, and got a migraine as we were driving to the appointment. this knocked me out for most of the day.

I did manage to do some online searching for the F/LOSS sofa for Casa Jasmina. Someone already created a Filo Sofa, and it is admirable, if not sensored. I posted a link on Tumblr. I also posted a link to a sofa by Mario Bellini and another, Extrasoft, by Pioero Lissoni. the contrast among Filo Sofa and Extrasoft is interesting. the former is a monolithic frame and the latter is modular. this suggests an area of the possibility space to explore.

I tried to start the Introduction to P5.JS art mooc hosted by Kadenze and UCLA before heading out to my dental appointment, but they hadn’t updated their website yet to launch the class. I feel like participants will be asked to beta-test their platform for free. actually, they have a premium level where students pay for participation and receive badges/certificates, so one is potentially paying to improve the Instruction As A Service. I’m curious about this on many levels. I want to know more about P5.JS. I would love an end-to-end F/LOSS workflow to build and distribute art games. Paolo Pedercini (Molleindustria, CMU) has already contributed a library of code elements useful for making games in P5.JS. I admit his library is more advanced than my knowledge, and so I want to level up. also, there are some javascript code editing and interpreting apps available for iOS.

I find it alluring to think I could produce a workflow native to an iPad. this wouldn’t be end-to-end F/LOSS because the iOS and iPad are closed, but I’ve got another project in the hopper that might result in a Raspberry Pi tablet, or some other System On a Chip (SOC) driving.

I’m going to see if this journal of work in progress can be a sustainable part of my practice.

Oh, and I’ve linked this catalog/portfolio/flatfile to Tumblr through JetPack, so a summary will appear there and link back to the full-text here. this is a test of that system.

Oh, and I’ve tweaked the settings of flatfile for when it creates thumbnails back to the recommended sizes. let’s see if that makes a difference.

November 4, 2015