Peter Brinson (The Cat and the Coup) is working on a thoughtful, cool, new game!

This videogame is about conversations that will never take place.


The core mechanic of Rehearsals and Returns involves saying something explicitly nice, mean, or wise to various people alive and dead such as Mao Tse Tung, Richard Pryor, Margaret Thatcher, The Pope, Hillary Clinton, Nikola Tesla, Leni Reifenstahl, Tiger Woods, and Rosa Parks.  These are some of the figures in the game. 

The game asks player to imagine conversations with people who are gone or out of reach.

In Rehearsals and Returns, you explore each level in order to literally pick up things to say – these collectables the game’s primary resource.  At the end of each level you encounter a person.  This is when you have an opportunity to quote someone (see Rewards and Rules, below) or, instead, you can choose a kind or hateful statement to say to that figure.  

The core mechanic feels more like that of Apples to Apples than the conversation mechanics of Mass Effect, for example, although strategies definitely manifest over time; players must weight how one conversation affects another.  ”

(via Rehearsals and Returns by Peter Brinson — Kickstarter)

June 6, 2013