Novena Navideña

This is posted in 2021 but documents a project begun in 2003 and continued in 2006. We have followed a tradition of nine-consecutive evenings of prayers leading up to and concluding christmas eve. My mother now has the prayers memorized, but always relied on a small prayer book to help keep track of our progress. I decided one year to make my own prayer book in a vest-pocket size, and to create a template for pages already imposed into 16-page signatures printable onto US letter-sized paper. Upon completion of the first copy of the first edition my mother pointed out that the type was too small for her eyes. She prompted me to make a larger edition. This became the second edition. Three of the five printed for the second edition were shared with my mother and two siblings. The rest of the printed pages for both editions were placed in a project box for safe keeping. It may be time to complete the bindings. My nieces, nephew, and sons will be the intended recipients of this completed project.