not that kind of doctor

It’s after lunch and I’m about to attend a webinar. It is an information session for the PhD program in Critical Game Design at RPI. I’m curious for myself and for my students.

This morning I: looked after the GroupMe bunch; triaged email; forwarded job listings to current and former grad students; read and edited a draft of the Center for Games proposal; booted up a Raspberry Pi 2B from 2014 and its Raspbian OS; ruslted up some early lunch; chatted with my beloved; and, now, have begun writing this.

While I wait I am remembering the tragedy in Colorado Springs from the night before last.

The information session came and went. I have notes offline. This program will serve as a comparison if our proposal moves forward.

Wired has an article about Games For Change dateline last week.

The Raspberry Pi 2 doesn’t have WiFi. I bought a TP-Link network adapter for it. I need to load drivers.