new series in Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities (Ashgate)

Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities (Ashgate)

Series Editors: Marilyn Deegan is Emeritus Professor and Honorary
Research Fellow at King’s College London. Lorna Hughes is University of
Wales Chair in Digital Collections, National Library of Wales. Andrew
Prescott is Chair of Digital Humanities, King’s College, London, UK.
Harold Short is Professor of Humanities Computing, King’s College
London, UK.

Digital technologies are increasingly important to arts and humanities
research, expanding the horizons of research methods in all aspects of
data capture, investigation, analysis, modelling, presentation and
dissemination. This important series covers a wide range of disciplines
with each volume focusing on a particular field, identifying the ways in
which technology impacts on specific subjects. The series provides an
authoritative reflection of the ‘state of the art’ in the application of
computing and technology. Each book is critical reading for experts in
digital humanities and technology issues, and will also be of wider
interest to all scholars working in humanities and arts research.

For the current nine titles in the series and call for additional
proposals, see