My Cocaine Museum

This morning I did a quick web search for coca habitat. The two biggest hits came from the US DOJ and the US DEA. I shouldn’t have been surprised.

I spent a couple of hours ordering the necessary materials for my classes that begin in January.

I need to ensure that we can add typefaces in the labs.

I read and partially cleaned up a text. I am considering this text for a gift book. I am unsure.

The reference and research for coca is for the fetch quests. I want to ground them in some plausibility. As I walked up to prepare myself lunch I remembered a book that I have purchased but have not yet read, My Cocaine Museum, which was recommended to me several years ago by Carly K. It may be time for me to read it.

My uncle Victor Alberto mentioned that Colombia — in particular — and the surrounding nations of Venezuela, Peru, and Brazil, are the garden of Eden. One throws a seed out the window and it takes root and grows.

I’ve grabbed the book from my bookshelf and will set aside time to read it in parallel to playing Return to Monkey Island.

right at the end of the day I felt like working on the Micro- and Nano- RPGs.