ENgendering Gender Changers 
Connections for Disconnections from Queer Technology 

ENgenderingGenderChangers is a “solution” to Gender Adaptersʼ male/female binary, offering a wider array of gender adapters for the ever increasing complexity and demands of the Information Technology workforce. By expanding serial adapters beyond male and female configurations, ENgenderingGenderChangers allow for new and unforeseen serial connections to deliver higher profit, powerful flexibility, and robust performance.

For example, the Female DB25 to Power Bottom DB25 is for the hardware risk-taker. This ENgenderingGenderChanger connects to a male serial cable. Its hollow and seemingly ineffective interior merges with a connected flow of power and takes control of the signal, redirecting current based on pin configuration. Perfect for surreptitious data manipulation, the Power Bottom gender changer utilizes a pacified design to undermine traditional hardware control structures.

November 28, 2015