Lowering my frequency

by Friday of last week it began to feel like this diary practice was more about obsession and less about discipline. Or rather that the discipline was making it harder to follow my bliss(es). The accounting was costing too much, becoming the activity itself. This hasn’t been helped by witnessing the changes on the microblogging site, Twitter, and the attendant creation of a new account on cohost.org; and, the reinvigoration of the account on Mastodon and Tumblr.

My pace from Anderson Ranch Arts Center is not sustainable here at home. My self care has to re-extend to home maintenance. I was beginning to feel guilty about this and that — too — is not sustainable. So I’m going to accept that my frequency of posts here will diminish.

Over the weekend I typeset the Micro- and Nano- RPGs. I typeset them at a small size, 3″x6″ pages. This is too awkward a size for the 18″x12″ sheets I was envisioning for imposition for printing. Awkward in the sense that there is too much waste. I want to reflect on this.

I’ve found paper that claims to be water soluble and printable on an inkjet printer. The brand is Juvale and can be ordered through Target. A package of 30 letter sized sheets costs 15 USD. It is labeled as a kind of novelty paper for crafts and magic tricks. https://www.target.com/p/juvale-30-sheets-water-soluble-paper-dissolving-letter-size-paper-printer-friendly-8-5-x-11-in/-/A-81621906

This paper came up as I was searching for the most eco-friendly paper that I could print on, the most bio-degradable.

I will likely re-typeset the games at a different page size.

Yesterday I completed Return to Monkey Island. I leaned on the hints pretty heavily at the end. I had not mind-melded with the puzzle-crafters.

I have queued up Kentucky Route Zero on my Switch.

I was resetting the game room yesterday when I got a migraine that knocked me out from 1:00pm-4:00pm. I thought I wasn’t feeling any tension, but maybe I was.

I communicated to the folks at SWPACA that I wouldn’t make it this year. My travel to Colombia creates a conflict during the winter quarter.

The national Pop Culture Association conference is in SATX this year, in April. I have a few weeks to decide if I will submit.

My commitment to ARAC in June of 2023 precludes submitting to Currents New Media Festival.

There is a Fediverse plug-in for WP that I want to look into. It would allow folks on Mastodon to interact with this blog.

I finished resetting the game room and its closet.

I’m listening to the audiobook of Sabrina & Corrina by Kali Fajardo-Anstine. Over the weekend I learned she is the daughter of Denver journalist Renee Fajardo. To the best of my knowledge we are not relatives.

spending some more time in Bitsy, thinking about the fetch quest and maps.

spent time catching up with meeting requests from Kelly P and from Eric G. The latter wants to collaborate on a Space Invaders clone. The former on a center for book arts.

time to make lunch.

I harvested some texts that I may typeset in the future from a web archive of an author who has gone offline. Their fans have kept their site up.

I did some improvisational imposition on the Micro- and Nano- RPGs using the make booklet app to create 4 page signatures, and then the print dialog box on my laptop connected to the Epson 4800 so that I was able to distribute the fronts and backs of the sheets correctly. The paper is nominally 12″ x 18″, and is actually bigger. The print job is “off” by the 0.25″ larger in the long dimension, and by the implicit margin on short dimension. I had staple targets printed in the Make Booklet app, which will allow me to — more or less — vertically align the pages. Now to refresh my memory for the coptic stitching pattern.