IoOOOT to read list

today, a google search with the search terms “internet of object oriented ontology things” revealed links to others who have been exploring this mashup. it will be interesting to read the thoughts of these authors to see how they compare to the ones I dreamed up for IoOOT. I’m tagging these as speculations for Casa Jasmina

Teodor Mitew, Do Objects Dream of an Internet of Things? (2014) Abstract:  This paper develops the notion of heteroclite sociable objects in the context of the emerging internet of things, and examines their transformative effect for understandings of sociability and agency. The notion of sociable objects attempts to capture the heterogeneous identity-shift occurring when heretofore obscure and mute objects ranging from toasters to thermostats acquire the agencies to leave semantically distinct traces online, and detour their human interlocutors into an object-mediated entanglement. Using a toolkit drawn from actor network theory and object oriented ontology, the paper discusses several examples illustrating the case for new parameters of sociability, better suited to a materiality acquiring conversational and anticipatory agencies.

Oliver Smith, IOOOO (Internet Of Object Oriented Ontologies), Introduction: What is the experience of a thermometer? If we take the ‘?’ outlined in ‘Alien Phenomenology, or What It’s Like To Be a Thing’ by Ian Bogost, we might say that it’s aware (in some sense) of the hook it’s hung on, or the wall or table it rests against or on, the temperature acting on its mercury (or other liquid) and the hands that touch it to angle it for reading. Localised experience, as with most ‘things’.Now, what is the experience of a thermometer that is part of the ‘Internet of Things’, the growing collection of sensors, processors and actuators networked together around the world? (e.g. This would, assuming it had a similar form factor have a similar experience, although it’s unlikely to be touched to be read, or have a human readable display as part of it – this would be done remotely, over the network.

Eric Kingbury, The Internet of Things and Object Oriented Ontology (2014) Extract:Anyway, seemingly unrelated ideas and/or events that occur closely together in time are interesting. And often have connections. I have been thinking for some time about two contemporary ideas/events: the Internet of Things and Object-Oriented Ontology. I don’t know that they’ve ever been explicitly connected (certainly someone else has put two and two together?), but either way, it’s worth exploring.

the entry by Teodor Mitew is a long read, and is likely the most fruitful. they all serve to remind me that some ideas call out to be thought, and are not particular to, nor owned by any one person. they also serve to remind me that I’m not the first to have these thoughts, even if I arrived at them on my own.

December 28, 2015