The Link Art Center is proud to present, an online initiative that will develop for over a year, and that wants to celebrate the dada legacy in the centenary of dada’s birth, that took place in Zurich on February 5, 1916.

With Vuk Cosic, Domenico Barra, Jan Robert Leegte, Pier Giorgio De Pinto, Intimidad Romero, Stéphane Mroczkowski and more


The Link Art Center is a curatorial platform promoting artistic research with new technologies and critical reflections on the core issues of the information age, by organizing exhibitions and online projects, publishing books and networking with individuals and institutions worldwide. The Link Art Center is part of Masters & Servers. Networked Cultures in the Post-Digital Age, a European adventure focused on a new generation of digital interventionism, awarded with a Creative Europe 2014 – 2020 grant. Up to August 2016, Masters & Servers will explore networked culture in the post-digital age.

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February 20, 2016