Love me truly is a research and curatorial project that brings together artistic practices exploring the contemporary state of constant affective disturbance and affective production through the Internet and communication technology.

Participating artists: 


Anne de Vries, 

Elstran Bros, 

Claudia Maté and Miggu, 

Anthony Antonellis, 

Agente Doble, 

Intimidad Romero, 

LaTurbo Avedon, 

Ann Hirsch, 

Erica Scourti, 

Pascale Barret 

Miyö Van Stenis.

Panel discussion with
Helena Grande,

Abelardo G. Fournier,

Amparo Lasén,

Bernardo Villar

Remedios Zafra

Archive of documents and projects related to the research:

This project was developed by Helena Grande at El Ranchito Japan/Korea 2015, in Matadero Madrid, where the exhibition can be visited till 10 January

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December 22, 2015