Driving to the airport in the snow

My beloved is off to Boston for a conference this weekend. Snow started falling just before I was to take her to the airport. It aggravated traffic and so we left an hour early. I got back and into the studio a little after 10:30.

We are trying to reschedule a zoom with Eric G about Space Invaders which I am referring to in my head and on my machines as Invasores although the Spanish word may still be the wrong one.

It may be that Thonny on my flavor of Raspberry Pi is too limiting and so I’m checking to see if Geany, another IDE, is sufficiently capable. I’ll look at it after lunch.

Okay, Geany is fast and light, and it surfaces/exposes the system level version of python and pygame.

And I have to uninstall the (incomplete) version of pygame 2.1.2 and try to install an older version that is complete and compatible. I think I need version 1.9.x. The version I downloaded broke pygamezero in Mu.

I’m going to try pygame version 2.0.0, which still retains some important backward compatible dependencies. It came from piwheels.org

okay, no luck, no joy. have to uninstall pygame 2.0.0. the version still doesn’t recognize bmps.

I found a way to reload pygame 1.9.4. there may be one minor version “post1” that I can’t find a piwheel for. will test the environment in the morning.

scribus still launches.

I may have to flash a new operating system onto an SD card and test it then.