(via Bit Pilot for Mac – download now available! #games #openframeworks / ver 2 for iPhone/iPad – tonight! game by Zach Gage (@helvetica) | CreativeApplications.Net)

Bit Pilot is one of my favorite games for the iPhone, and I am so excited to play B.P. 2.0!

Zach Gage has just announced that Bit Pilot 2.0 for iPhone/IPad is about to hit the AppStore. To celebrate, Zach has made a desktop version which is available for download now (link below). It is the first application to use Apple’s Magic Trackpad as a wireless controller and although you can still use your MacBook’s trackpad as input (tested and working great), it is with magic trackpad where the game really shines. Bit Pilot for Mac is nearly a full game for free and includes all the features of the original Bit Pilot 1.0.

Download (Mac)