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  • NOT distracted

    activities so far today: I sewed the copy of one of this year’s DO NOT PRESS books that is made for Scott H’s birthday. I used a pamphlet stitch pattern I put El otoño del patriarca back on my ear phones. I re-jogged the remaining 3+4 books in the two editions and re-placed them in […]

  • Typography, typesetting, and prepping to teach

    Throughout October and November it has become an annual rite to set one or more small books into type. I do this to remember and honor my love of making books. This morning I remembered that I’m also preparing to teach in January, so my sabbatical mind is interrupted. Yesterday I finished the one I […]

  • Rabbit hole of Open Font Licensed typefaces

    I’ve spent the last few days, weekend hours included, on my pi-top running Scribus, Font Manager, and Mousepad while typesetting something to share with colleagues this year from Do Not Press. Not teasers and no spoilers. Dingbats, and symbol fonts are more difficult to find if I want to avoid Dafont and Font Squirrel. Sigh.

  • Typesetting Prep

    I spent the day prepping the Pi-Top, adding typefaces. It’s a slow process, feels like 1986 all over again. I’ve been gathering the liner notes on the typefaces into a text document to have locally. Also, it’s been laundry day.

  • Guybrush Threepwood fetches votes

    Last night at dinner Karin asked me how the game, Nemo’s Helper, is going. I told her about consulting with Diego on fetch quests and detailed the one that I’ve imagined so far. I mentioned to Karin the critique that I found suggesting heroes don’t do mundane task. I feel the need to contest that […]

  • Reading, Watching, and Writing to do

    Karin got home last night and is back to work today. Today’s agenda includes the text about/by Ulises Carrión entitled Dear reader. Don’t read. I also have to watch the Artbound episode on Love & Rockets and the brothers Hernandez. I should also vet the media that emanated from my stay at Anderson Ranch before […]

  • Seeking a title for diary posts

    the trip to Anderson Ranch Arts Center (ARAC) was finite and so I could enumerate the days as a way to track my activities. The trip coincided with a sabbatical from teaching at the University of Denver. For emotional reasons I would count the beginning of the sabbatical as July 1, 2022. This would embed […]

  • Trying to refine some code in Scratch

    Activities: reached out to Adán to see how he’s doing. Scott L. reached out to me to see how the month at Anderson Ranch went. We made a date for lunch later today. His question prompted me to look at Z-ordering in both Scratch and in Snap! for my Seeds of Solitude remake. I can’t […]

  • Recalibrating home studio

    I’m going to be recalibrating some of my practices now that I’m back in my home studio. I was at a standing desk after I had tweaked my back. I have a sitting desk here. I want to re-think that. Printing onto Kozo (mulberry) paper with pigment-based inkjet ink feels like a winner and I […]

  • ARAC Day 25, last day

    woke up early and made final pass at packing suitcase, final pass at packing backpack, and final pass at packing day-pack. Washed breakfast dishes and was out of cabin by 10:00am as had been requested (demanded/expected). I caught sight of Idalia heading to cabin as I was lugging my luggage toward the entry gate to […]