But what this “Studio 60” crew is attempting—coordinating a real-time story told between multiple Twitter accounts—is on a whole different level. For each of the past three weeks, the person(s) behind these fake accounts have put on a show pretending to put on a show. From Monday through Thursday evening, the creators voice their creative frustrations with comedy and with each other. Come Friday, 11 p.m. EST, though, “Studio 60” hits the airwaves, and showrunners (and buddies) Albie and Tripp, along with other members of the S60 family, dutifully detail the dram-com goings-on of a television show (and that show’s after-party) that no one else can see. They’ve even gotten some actual Twitterers in on the act as well; a discussion between Albie and Tripp about getting comedian Chelsea Peretti to replace an outgoing S60 cast member got a response (in the affirmative!) from the flesh-and-blood Peretti. Unfortunately, attempts to get Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim to publicly discuss or explain their S60 short films, or to get a what-what from Ashton Kutcher, haven’t earned any responses. (via Hashfic: Studio 60’s Odd Second Life On Twitter | The Awl)