ARAC Day 24

This is our last full day at Anderson Ranch.

I focused on packing my studio in the morning. I made use of the photos I took as I had unpacked on the first day of my arrival. I was able to fit everything that had fit in the Pelican case, and a little bit more.

I decided to cut some of the large printouts into smaller, more manageable size. I proceeded to cut a slice into my right thumb as a distracting thought passed through my mind. I sought a bathroom to wash the cut. Then I sought Zac in the wood shop for a bandage because the cut was still bleeding. Zac gave me bandages and (before?) gave me a handful of stickers he had made. I felt like such a noob. Peter was scared. We reassured him it was nothing.

At lunch Rachel made jokes about cutting myself on my keyboard and I adopted her joke as the best explanation. The keys being so sharp that one has to be careful.

I was going pack my suitcase after lunch. I did some more laundry in the morning so that I could minimize the amount of dirty clothes in the suitcase. I couldn’t wash two items that smelled of bonfire smoke so I packed them in a plastic bag and tucked them into my day bag. I still had to bring things back from the studio to the cabin

I returned to the studio and felt confident enough to finish cutting the prints. I cut down the animation frames and decided to hand one each to people as parting gifts at dinner.

I signed and left behind some prints on plain paper with no explanation.

I gave Esther and Taylor a print of Redacted Sub diorama and an animation frame.

I gave Emil a print of Redacted Sub diorama, an animation frame, and of papercraft submarine. He gave me three 3D printed subs in bronze filament. We were trying to achieve a gold-like shimmer and this is super-close! I also left with him an animation frame for Olivia.

I gave Meriwether a print of Redacted Sub diorama and an animation frame.

I left a print of Redacted Sub diorama and an animation frame in a plastic bag at Andrea’s door. I forgot to write a thank you note. Sigh.

I stacked the newspapers, packed my backpack, closed the pelican case and went to the cabin to make the first pass at packing the suitcase.

I put the large prints and newspapers on the flat side of the suitcase and put the tee shirts and Armani and Patagonia jackets in. I zipped up that side to begin compressing. I packed and tidied and organized until dinner time. It was pizza night.

I gave an animation to each of the Resident Artists. Petros wasn’t present and so I had to leave his with his flat-mate, Rexy.

We excused ourselves to pack and rest.