ARAC Day 23

I took down Migraciones in the morning and began thinking about packing up the studio.

I received a visit from Petros and Tatiana in the studio and I shared with them some more details about the work. Petros shot some portraits of me. We went to find Ricky in print-making where he had been focused on printing an edition. I saw that he was using the bone-folder he had mentioned at dinner last night.

I puttered in the studio, and printed, and realized that the black wasn’t (hadn’t been) printing. I asked for a yellow cartridge because that ink was too low to enable a power-wash. This made me reassess all of the prints I had done so far.

I bought a sheet of large mulberry paper. It is not so white as the Kozo branded pad I had been using. The hand feel of this paper is so nice! I hadn’t figured out about the black before I had printed onto these sheets.

I found a rock upstairs in the studio, it had a nick in it. I ran down and grabbed the yellow submarine that Emil had 3D printed for me. I composed the sub at an angle in the nick in the rock and took photos. These are “Yellow Redacted Submarine diorama”. I made prints onto plain paper.

The light on the wood stack outside the studio was nice. I shot a slitscan image of the stack. I divided it into seven segments on IG. Affinity Photo doesn’t have a “tile printout” feature that I’ve found. I also printed this onto plain paper.

We met up with Olivia and headed out.

We went to Basalt and visited Artbase, a non-profit that provides a gallery, a gift shop, and art education to the community. I saw computers and they mentioned name-brand photo software classes. I blurted that I had ideas about perpetual license and FLOSS options for them. The Executive Director was open to these ideas. He agreed that the subscription model is unattainable and unsustainable for his community.

I bought a bone-folder for Ricky that they had in the Artbase store. (They offer book-binding classes).

We walked to the Basalt library and found a hidden wooden sculpture/tree house by a creek that is a tributary to the Roaring Fork river. I took some more photos of the small yellow submarine. We even tried floating it down the river (I got 17 seconds of video).

We went to Carbondale. Some of the art destinations were closed, both in Basalt and in Carbondale. We decided we wanted to have drinks in Carbondale. I had an Old Fashioned made with Diplomatico rum and house-made syrup and bitters. We were also introduced to an Ecuadorian agave spirit that is made by a co-op. It was smooth!

We went to dinner at an amazing Tibetan restaurant in a gas station strip mall. It was amazing!!!! And the owner was irascible and charming.

I forgot to mention the bonfire from two evenings ago. There was wine and a game they call “stump”.

Stump is played with a large, free-standing, tree stump and one starts nails, one for each player. Players take-turns flipping a hammer into the air and then striking an opponent’s nail — all in one graceless motion. The last nail standing determines the winner. There are some bonus strikes allowed for specific gymnastics with the hammer. Sparks signal that everyone drinks. I decided to opt out of play and rather observed. It is a traditional game at the ranch.