ARAC Day 22

Activities: I went into studio to grab laptop, then went into photo and new media studio to prep the Migraciones space. It had fallen out of calibration because some of the tables had been moved. I quickly calibrated it, and quickly set up my laptop in the class room.

I showed the students Migraciones for about 5 minutes, then attemtpted to show them some stuff in Scratch. They were distracted by what one can do in Scratch and so decided to lean into their curiosity and only interrupt them when a “how do I…?” question was asked.

Similar tactics for second group. There was a marked difference in readiness between the english-dominant group and the spanish-dominant group.

Neither of the two groups wanted to leave when their hour was up. This surprised the teacher who had accompanied the first group. I think she left favorably impressed.

I gave help in both English and Spanish.

I detached my laptop and took it with me to the cabin. Had a quick lunch (before) and went to rest and prepare for the Artist Talk.

Arrived early to cafe for technology check. Esther came and made sure everything worked. Ricky brought his HDMI to USB-C adapter which made everything just right.

We gave our talks and answered questions. Again we received wonderful affirmation and great questions from the Resident Artists.

We had dinner with them, and then retired for the night.

We made plans with Olivia to tour Basalt and Carbondale and have dinner tomorrow night.