ARAC Day 15

I finished Carto last night. I didn’t collect all the secret items. I’ve unlocked the Chapter mode so I can replay in any order. I wonder if I have missed a chapter in the volcano.

A list of today’s activities

  1. I got a slow start.
  2. My back is sending me warning signs from the different tender spots.
  3. I need to figure out a habit where I exercise and get my creative work done. I always want my coffee and to get to work.
  4. I will shift over to Scratch today through at least Saturday.
  5. We will have lunch in Aspen, and spend a couple of hours there.
  6. I had a conversation with Evan about my art practices. She/They will be crafting social media for ARAC about the work. I showed them some work and shared some oral history to build a background for the current effort.
  7. Work in Scratch will be re-imagining or re-crafting Seeds of Solitude.
    1. Juan’s animations aren’t pixel perfect yet
    2. Two mature poppies next to each other do not propagate a third
    3. Cloned poppies do not grow unless visited by butterflies
    4. I have created a “power-up” for Juan as a proof of concept. This was not in the original. Juan started the original with machete in-hand
    5. had a quick chat with Olivia
    6. had a quick chat with Emil
    7. had a wonderful lunch and stroll with Ricky
    8. Back at studio at 4:00
    9. I found the flaw in my logic. I had an extra test for touching butterflies.
    10. There still seems to be a limitation with the number of visible poppies.
    11. Something about the clones. And when I stop execution the clones disappear so it’s difficult to trace and troubleshoot.
    12. Scratch is also choking / pausing when it has created what appear to be 16 poppies. There may be more because I don’t know how many are superimposed on top of each other. Also, the propagation is too fast. I need a way to track touch/collision beginning and end and count that as a single touch. Maybe have to use messaging and pull a code block that executes out of the forever loop.
    13. I added a wait until <not<touching (butterfly)>> block into the if <touching(butterfly)> then if <(mature)greater than (0)> block, this results in a new poppy being cloned as the butterflies leave contact with a poppy. It appears that II can now clone more poppies without choking scratch. The poppies can still be superimposed, though.
    14. Also, the current logic will allow poppies to grow back as soon as they are cut down since seeds no longer have to wait for butterfly collision to grow to maturity. This might not be so bad.
    15. Juan can walk through the poppies. This is also different from original.
    16. Going to try a new block to give me 2.5D perspective. [Go Forward (X) Layers]. Going to try [Go Forward ((Y position) * (-1)) Layers] and will put this in poppies. Will put this with a +1 for Juan. Will make butterflies always go to front.
    17. OMG It Works!!!! It’s not perfect, and I think that has to do with where I have set the center/origin of the poppy sprite as compared to where that origin is on Juan, but it is convincing in its imperfection!.OH WAIT, never mind. I spoke too soon. It’s not working as I had hoped. It almost works, though, and that’s encouraging.
    18. It’s 5:00pm I’m going to call it a day.