ARAC Day 14

Or should it be day 16? I don’t know.

Here is the list:

  1. I played some more Carto yesterday evening. It’s beautiful visually.
  2. I have to complete the color studies for IRISE and CIPR today.
  3. I have a meeting with Olivia this afternoon to prep for the panel this weekend.
  4. I photographed one of the small, 3D printed, narcosubmarines I brought with me. The morning light coming into the studio was fantastic. I realized that the small sculptures have a harmonic with the dijes of pre-conquest Colombia, and with the exvoto traditions post conquest. They are a kind of spiritual object of prayer. I won’t say of worship.
  5. I uploaded the photos to IG (echoes to FB and Twitter) with this observations and teased a yellow one.
  6. In a moment of synchronicity Emil dropped in to the studio with trail runs of yellow additive printed ones. I asked him if he had gold filament. He said he’d check. He also wants to learn how to flip the stock on the subtractive CNC machine so he asked me to share with him the .stl file I have of the sub in a frame. Emil is trying to refine the surface quality of the additive print, which I appreciate very much.
  7. Worked through a set of color studies of IRISE logo on a black background.
  8. Thinking about trying with a gray background
  9. Revisited typography for CIPR signature block.
    1. Futura and Jost* no longer feel right
    2. Barlow Sans Bold (SIL OFL)
    3. Gandhi Sans Bold (free to use, may not edit or alter)
    4. Liberation Sans Bold (SIL OFL)
    5. Libre Franklin Bold (SIL OFL)
    6. Noto Sans Bold (SIL OFL)
    7. Pablo Impallari’s Libre Franklin feels best in context of Wildfire font.
    8. took lunch from 12-12:30
    9. started modifying Ampersand in Wildfire (too angular at the terminals. Also, created a plus glyph from two I glyphs
    10. The Ampersand is more promising. It still may be too attention grabbing. I’ve tweaked the terminals and the counters to soften the curves. The ampersand is at about x-height. The weight is off. It may not read well at small sizes. Will have to test.
    11. 1:30pm walk through of space for workshop this Saturday.
    12. I did a quick visual test of the CIPR logo with ampersand and small. It remains legible at business card size, though.
    13. The plus remains legible at business card size
    14. The CIPR logo may work with the vertical pipe lockup for the University of Denver logo.
    15. The width with a plus is narrower than the width with ampersand.
    16. The Swash R in Wildfire has an extra point that I had to delete when converted to outlines/curves. The extra point is found on the left hand side of the letterform, just above the terminal. There are two points in vertical alignment separated by a space that becomes visible when one has zoomed in extremely close. I deleted the outer, left-most, of the two points. I noticed it when I was editing the terminal of the ampersand to match the curve of the terminal of the R.
    17. explored color on white background for CIPR
    18. created a PDF compiling the study for each logo
    19. emailed the principals to give some feedback.