ARAC Day 13

List of today’s activities:

  1. Made it to studio at 8:30 am
  2. Testing Migraciones to ensure it works.
    1. Mac mini fires up fine. Auto boot of TSPS and Migraciones app as expected. Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse paired immediately upon boot up.
    2. Camera dark. Rebooted and camera detected. Moved camera and signal lost, suspect cable. Rebooted again. Camera dark again. Check to see connector is well seated. Rebooted again. Camera sensed. Adjusted differencing and threshold. Set background image. Launched Migraciones and waved hand. Accidentally nudged camera, so background image no longer valid. The white cable has become fragile at the home-made connector. I switched it for the OEM cable and it fired up immediately without need for reboot. It just works.
  3. Color solutions for IRISE and CIPR logos
    1. The new Branding guidelines (2022 07 01) have adjusted the color palette, and introduced an expanded set of hues, shades, and brights.
    2. I have to find and gather the working files and update them.
    3. It took a couple of hours to download the individual logos from the brand toolkit website. I am not the imagined use-case for this page.
    4. The fonts are not yet available through the site. I wonder about the licensing.
      1. ABC Arizona Flare
        1. used for the words: “UNIVERSITY OF DENVER”, the logotype.
        3. licensing of the use of this font family is complicated and best left to MarComm to negotiate and sub-license to internal clients/users
      2. The so-called sub-brands are the internal clients/users. If one of the sub-brands (academic units, and centers and institutes e.g.) are to comply with the branding guidelines they will use a DU “lockup” combined with a vertical “pipe” or line and two lines of sans serif font Neue Haas Unica, which is similar to, but distinct from the better known, Helvetica.
      3. Neue Haas Unica
        1. used as the “foundational” font in all communications.
        3. used for everything else
        4. MarComm should also be negotiating institutional licensing so that internal clients can use it.
        5. Individual users can purchase licenses at
      4. So-called Personality Types and Fonts are meant to provide a broader range of expression. The fonts are Nocturne, Manuka, DU Bois, and Diatype.
      5. Nocturne
        1. available for individual license purchase at:
        2. may be included within an Adobe site license:
        3. an eccentric serif font in a wide range of weights.
      6. Manuka
        1. Individual licensing available:
      7. DU Bois
        1. by Vocal Type. #BLM
        2. licensing available:
      8. Diatype
        1. also by ABCDinamo so licensing will be complicated
      9. Only Nocturne is available through Adobe.
      10. Took lunch from 12-1
      11. Built a set of palette documents that will be easier to sample.
      12. 2:30-3:00 got a snack and edited captions for panel conversation slideshow on Saturday.