ARAC Day 12

list of activities

  1. made it to studio by 9:00, even though rainy weather made me want to stay indoors
  2. woke up thinking about the map for Nemo’s Helper, and making a compressed Colombia, as absurd as that may be.
  3. researched the geography, the major rivers of Colombia. I know their names, but not their pathways.
  4. This is also prompted by a need to include Coltan in some way. There were indigenous children hired to dig Coltan from the banks of the Orinoco, with their hands, by a corporation (as per one news report)(citation in my Zotero database)
  5. also began to explore the most minimal outline of the map of the country.
  6. spent about 30 minutes paying auto registration.
  7. boosted the signal on the Tilt\West Journal vol 4 which is dropping on Monday. Twitter, IG, FB posts.
  8. Just received notice that internet may be restored in my Visiting Artist studio. Am camped in the Photo & New Media space until after lunch.
  9. Was told that Fall Residents will begin arriving Tuesday. Café reopens Wednesday night. I may have bought too much food >_<
  10. Confirmed that internet was restored in ARAC VA studio, have moved back in and now its 12:00. Took lunch
  11. worked on a second draft of mountain scape with submarine. I don’t know if it’s any better. iCloud Sprite Something. Bitsy_diag_mtn.png
  12. 2:30. need to rest my eyes a bit. Going to read the curriculum to see if there are any glaring errors.
  13. No glaring errors. Small detail to make sure proper credit is attributed where possible.
  14. The game jam has been extended 48 additional hours!!!