ARAC Day 11

list of activities:

  1. checked in at the visiting artist studio and still no wifi. I packed up laptop and ipad and moved back to photo studio.
  2. set up to make ipad outboard monitor
  3. remembered the Applied SciFi webinar I wanted to attend on Zoom
  4. copied version 17 of Nemo’s helper to iCloud downloads folder
  5. opened version 17 in Safari on iPad
  6. renamed copy so as to create a fork, added “8000 Feet Above…” to title.
  7. saved fork to iCloud downloads to test, it worked
  8. unplugged from to watch zoom on laptop and work on iPad
  9. saved again to see how new copies are enumerated with a digit suffix.
  10. played with {wvy}________{/wvy} code in title block
  11. saved again to get version 2 of fork
  12. played with a pixels to get a hippo sprite
  13. saved again to get version 3 of fork
  14. uploaded version 3 of fork to laptop, it is now canonical, saved once or twice to laptop downloads folder. it enumerates with (#) so I saved up to (3) to help it make sense.
  15. I moved the prior fork into its own folder in Downloads on laptop, still preceded by many underlines so it’s at the top.
  16. Communicated with IRISE and CIPR about working on color for logos on Monday.
  17. it’s now 11:30 and I’m hungry. Gonna break for lunch.
  18. it’s now 1:25 and I’m back at it.
  19. deactivated theme for this site that I’ve used since I launched WordPress and activated the WordPress 2022 theme. The customization features are not obvious. I don’t like the typeface.
  20. built a room and tiles to make a mountain view in profile. The visual tactics feel like the fiber arts of the Nasa I was looking at the last couple of months.