ARAC Day 09

List of activities

  1. read a chapter/story, “Los Simpaticos”, from The Assimilitated Cuban’s Guide To Quantum Santeria. It was fun and beautiful. I noticed that in the ebook version I am reading the spanish phrases are not italicized.
  2. Made it into the studio at 10:00 am which is later than I would have liked.
  3. Last night I had a thought about guadua, the massive bamboo species found in Colombia. How might I include it?
  4. This morning I had more doubts about Nemo’s Helper, at least as I might make it in Bitsy. My friend in college, Brian Smith, always marveled at my ability to talk myself out of things. Self-critical.
  5. I also had an echo of a memory about Coltan in the Orinoco.
  6. I think I need to remember the geographies and watersheds of Colombia.
  7. They are moving a large marble statue out front. I want to see how its done.
  8. color palette work in Bitsy
  9. tile work in Bitsy
  10. downloaded version 12 of Nemo’s Helper
  11. still need gameplay
  12. spoke to Trey who asked me how the Jam is going. I confessed my misgivings. Gonna try and re-energize.
  13. Try not to overthink. That was my aspiration when leaving the cabin this morning.
  14. built cabins from new tiles
  15. saved/downloaded version 13
  16. breaking for lunch, 12:30
  17. back at 1:30
  18. note: la lora, o el loro, quiere cacao
  19. making repeat pattern for forest in Bitsy
  20. populated forest in room 2, and placed loro/a/e
  21. tested and it seems that I’ve made some of the areas impossible to reach. I’ve got to adjust the map(s)
  22. saved/downloaded version 14 and 15
  23. eyes need a break, it’s 3:05
  24. checked socials while outside on the patio. Helen Stuckey tagged Gonzalo and me in a post about the Crossing Games exhibit in Lisboa. The catalog has an english-language edition. Yes, please!
  25. it’s 3:35
  26. okay, I’ve connected a pathway in room 2. this allows a way to get from room 2 to room 5.
  27. downloading version 16
  28. it’s 3:55pm
  29. I guess I am world building, and I have some ideas.
  30. make, test, repeat.
  31. I forgot, the profile from University of Denver’s College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences came out about lunch-time:
  32. spent a few minutes in bitsy’s sound editor and it may be too limited.
  33. It’s a quarter to 5:00 so I’m going to call it a day.